Under the Boardwalk

“Under the Boardwalk” (2023), an American animated musical comedy, directed by David Soren and co-written by Soren and Lorene Scafaria, is a vibrant creation by Paramount Animation and Big Kid Pictures. Animated by DNEG Animation, the film boasts the vocal talents of Keke Palmer, Michael Cera, and Bobby Cannavale.

Released in select theaters on October 27, 2023, and available on video-on-demand from November 7, “Under the Boardwalk” immerses audiences in a delightful world of music and laughter. The animated feature promises a captivating experience, blending Soren’s directorial prowess with a stellar voice cast. With its unique storyline and musical elements, “Under the Boardwalk” aims to charm viewers of all ages. Dive into this animated sensation for a toe-tapping, laughter-filled cinematic journey that leaves a lasting impression. Explore the magic under the boardwalk and join the fun with this animated gem.

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