The Amazing Maurice

The Amazing Maurice

“The Amazing Maurice” (2022) enchants audiences in this animated fantasy comedy directed by Toby Genkel and co-directed by Florian Westermann. Adapted from Terry Pratchett’s novel, the film features an all-star cast including Hugh Laurie, Emilia Clarke, and David Tennant, telling the whimsical tale of Maurice, a street-smart ginger cat who forms an unusual alliance with talking rats for a clever money-making scheme.

Released in the United Kingdom on December 16, 2022, by Sky Cinema and later in the United States on February 3, 2023, by Viva Pictures, “The Amazing Maurice” has received acclaim for its delightful storytelling and captivating animation. Premiering at the Manchester Animation Festival in November 2022, the film showcases the creative brilliance of Studio Rakete and Red Star 3D. Join Maurice and his rodent friends in this heartwarming adventure that has won the hearts of both critics and audiences alike.

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