Thaggedhe Le

Thaggede le

“Dive into the gripping murder investigation in ‘Thaggede Le,’ where SI Chalapathy and his subordinate Raja interrogate software engineer Easwar over a murder case. As they delve into the mystery, a drug lord’s nabbing takes center stage, intertwining with the notorious Dandupalyam gang’s escape. The narrative unfolds with a web of connections, involving Eswar’s wife Devi, Lizy, and the drug cartel. Makarand Desh Pande leads the Dandupalyam gang, adding layers of suspense to the plot. ‘Thaggede Le’ promises a thrilling exploration of crime, betrayal, and the complex relationships that bind the characters together. With a backdrop of intense interrogations and the underworld’s wrath, the film delivers suspenseful twists that keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Brace yourself for a riveting crime saga that weaves together murder, drug lords, and the elusive Dandupalyam gang.”

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