Seal Team

“Seal Team” (2021), the South African animated action comedy, directed by Greig Cameron and Kane Croudace, stands as a delightful creation from Triggerfish Animation Studios. The film features an ensemble voice cast, including J. K. Simmons, Jessie T. Usher, and Dolph Lundgren, as it unfolds the adventurous tale of misfit Cape Fur Seals joining forces against ruthless sharks.

Released in the Netherlands on October 13, 2021, followed by Belgium, the Czech Republic, and West Asian Arab countries, “Seal Team” made a splash in theaters before Netflix acquired the rights for a wider release on December 31, 2021, in various territories. This animated gem offers action, comedy, and a heartwarming story, captivating audiences worldwide with its unique take on the underwater world. Dive into the aquatic escapades of the Seal Team and experience the humor and excitement that this South African animated film brings to life.

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