Romance With a Twist

Romance with a Twist

Romance With a Twist

“Embark on a journey of transformation with Luna (Jocelyn Hudon), a former dancer turned business manager, in this captivating narrative. Managing her family’s construction business, Luna seizes the opportunity to convert a gymnasium into an aerial studio. As she surreptitiously explores the silks, she catches the eye of Bennett (Oliver Renaud), a professional aerialist who has returned home. This tale weaves elements of dance, self-discovery, and unexpected connections. Luna’s journey unfolds against the backdrop of familial responsibilities and newfound passions. Dive into the world of aerial arts and emotional exploration as Luna and Bennett navigate the delicate balance between dreams and reality. ‘Luna’s Aerial Journey’ promises a heartfelt narrative, blending dance and construction, leaving audiences enchanted by the magic of pursuing one’s passion and the serendipity of unexpected encounters.”

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