Zakir Khan Mann Pasand

Mann Pasand

“Laugh your way through ‘Mann Pasand,’ Zakir Khan’s uproarious new special that brings to life the comedy in his childhood friendships, adult relationships, and the clash of worlds during a memorable Goa trip. With wit and humor, Zakir shares relatable tales of choosing between the right thing and the fun thing, capturing the essence of life’s amusing dilemmas. In this comedy special, Zakir Khan skillfully navigates the complexities of friendships and relationships, delivering laughs that resonate with audiences of all ages. ‘Mann Pasand’ promises an evening filled with laughter, as Zakir’s unique storytelling and comedic prowess take center stage. Get ready for a joyous ride as ‘Mann Pasand’ explores the lighter side of life’s decisions and the pursuit of fun over everything else.”

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