Cricket & Antoinette

cricket & antoinette

Cricket & Antoinette

“Cvrčak i Mravica” (English: Cricket & Antoinette) stands as Croatia’s first 3D animated film, drawing inspiration from Aesop’s fable and Jean de La Fontaine’s tale, “The Cricket and the Ant.” Released in theaters on January 5, 2023, in Croatia and later in 30 other countries, this charming animation cleverly tackles themes of tolerance, love, and overcoming obstacles.

The witty storyline revolves around the two main characters, Ket and Antoneta, representing contrasting worlds – one of noise, chaos, and creativity, and the other of labor, order, and discipline. As the characters fall in love despite their apparent differences, the film beautifully illustrates the harmonious union they create.

Explore the enchanting world of “Cvrčak i Mravica,” where love transcends boundaries, and the animated duo teaches valuable life lessons. Immerse yourself in this Croatian animated masterpiece that seamlessly weaves humor, heart, and a timeless tale.

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