Embark on a thrilling adventure in the mystical forests of Arunachal with “Bhediya.” This captivating tale revolves around Bhaskar, an ordinary man whose life takes a supernatural turn after being bitten by a wolf. As he undergoes a mysterious transformation into the creature, Bhaskar and his friends embark on a quest for answers. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions, laughter, and unexpected twists as the group navigates the complexities of Bhaskar’s newfound existence. “Bhediya” promises an enthralling blend of suspense, humor, and the supernatural, creating an immersive experience set against the breathtaking backdrop of Arunachal’s lush forests. Join the journey where friendship, courage, and the unknown collide, offering a cinematic escapade that leaves audiences on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss out on the excitement and intrigue as “Bhediya” unfolds a tale of transformation, friendship, and the mysteries that lurk in the shadows.

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