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Becoming king

“Delve into the emotional portrait of David Oyelowo’s transformative journey portraying the legendary civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This poignant film offers viewers a unique glimpse behind the scenes, featuring intimate home videos and captivating behind-the-scenes footage. It unfolds as a powerful narrative of faith, friendship, and the fulfillment of a profound destiny. Oyelowo’s portrayal of Dr. King comes to life, capturing the essence of a pivotal moment in history. This cinematic exploration not only provides insight into the actor’s craft but also serves as a moving tribute to the iconic leader. A must-watch for those seeking an emotional and inspiring story, this film takes audiences on a heartfelt journey, revealing the dedication and passion required to bring historical figures to life on the big screen. Witness the intersection of art, faith, and destiny in this compelling portrayal of David Oyelowo’s connection to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

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